The Gainesville Downtown Owners and Tenants, Inc. (GDOT) is a nonprofit Florida corporation formed in 1993 to represent the interests of residents, businesses, organizations and property owners in downtown Gainesville.  It is managed by a Board of Directors elected by members. The principal objective of GDOT shall be the improvement and further development of the downtown area of Gainesville, Florida as a center of commercial, cultural, and governmental activity, for the entire metropolitan Gainesville area.


    An enhanced economic climate and physical environment which will allow existing businesses to prosper and grow, which will attract a diversity of new business entities compatible with these objectives into the downtown area, and which will provide residents of the immediate area as well as all of the citizens of Alachua County with a safe and attractive place in which to carry out and enjoy normal everyday activity, shall be the priority concerns of GDOT.


    Our Mailing Address:
    101 SE 2nd Place #203
    Gainesville, FL 32601